Understanding the Regulations for Installing Aluminium Slat Gates

Homeowners who choose to install aluminium slat gates understand the many benefits they offer. Aluminium slat fences are functional, private and secure. But there are various considerations one needs to make when putting up the fencing. 

When installing aluminium dividers for your house, you should understand the important considerations. The article outlines steps to ensure you follow the right regulations for the installation of aluminium slat gates. 

Check the Regulations with Your Local Council

You save your time and money by talking to your local authority. The authorities will inform you of the local ordinances you should follow. Different councils have varying rules when it comes to putting up aluminium slats. The committee will let you know how much gap should be between each slat. You will also learn the maximum height allowed for your fencing. 

There might also be unique rules governing putting up a slat fence around the pool or in corner blocks. Without talking to your local council, you will not have this information. That will increase the chances that you face costly fines. 

Think About the Neighbours

Once you understand the rules of installing the aluminium slats, the next thing is to consider your neighbours. If there is a dividing fence, you may want them to share the costs. In some states, there are fencing acts that determine how you share fencing costs.

You also need to use your common sense when putting up your aluminium slat gates. For instance, it would be impractical to put up the fence if it interferes with your neighbour's view of any unique landscape. You should also not trespass their side of the property when building your fencing. 

It is best to discuss with your neighbours about your fencing plans. That way, you will know if they agree. Getting their agreement in writing will help prevent potential legal issues.

Consider the Entrances

You should not just think about how good your fencing will look when planning for your entrance. The safety and convenience of your entry are also vital. The positioning of your entrance area will also determine the kind of features you need. 


Aluminium slat fences can be an excellent option for your backyard. For you to enjoy their benefits, ensure proper installation of your fencing. Allow the experts to install the aluminium slats for you. Since they have the experience, they understand the rules governing slat installation. 

Professional installers will also advise you on the best way to take care of your aluminium slat fences. That ensures your fencing is always in good condition. 

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