Ways To Style Your Lattice Screen Fence

Lattice screen fencing can serve all sorts of functions around a home. Extremely versatile, you can style these barriers in endless ways, depending on where you're installing them. Here are several ways to style yours. 

Front Fences Around A Property: Solid, Tall And Grand

You can alter the aesthetic of a lattice fence by changing the framing. For instance, for a front wall that secures a property, set the screening within solid, square vertical posts fixed into the ground at regular intervals. Then, finish off the barrier with a thick rail along the top. More substantial post-and-rail frames create a firm look that is perfect for the security purpose of a front fence. 

Lattice also creates elegant high front fences and gates. Because the mesh is not dense and opaque, a tall barrier won't loom over the garden as some other materials might. You could construct a high cream or pale beige fence, for instance, and cover it with climbing flowers. Include a decorative walk-through gate with an arch and scallops across the top. Alternatively, build a tall front barrier in natural timber hues for a bush-inspired aesthetic. 

As well as the framing, the look of the fencing is influenced by the heaviness of the horizontal and vertical stripes that create the lattice pattern. Thinner and finer pieces form a more delicate feel, while heavier and thicker ones give a more substantial impression. For a classic front fence with a grander quality, you could install tall green metal lattice sections that consist of larger squares rather than small dainty ones. Set off the barrier with a stone retaining wall or rock feature along the front. With its weight and dark green colour, such a barrier will feel more majestic instead of whimsical.

Partition Screens Backing An Outdoor Relaxation Area

Another possible way to style a lattice screen fence is to install three tall partitions, the middle one being higher than the outer two, to form a backdrop for an outdoor relaxation area. Set the lattice at an angle, forming diamond shapes rather than squares. Overlap the screens so that the central one is backmost. Then, in front of this decorative feature wall, construct a small patio space with natural stone pavers covering the ground, on top of which is a bench seat, surrounded by pot plants. On its own within the landscape, such an area can feel undefined and exposed. However, the three staggered lattice screens will form a decorative vertical barrier to help define a cozy nook. 

For more ideas on styling lattice screen fences, reach out to local fencing contractors.

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