Adding augmented reality into glass pool fencing: Ideas for the future

Glass fences are a stylish and practical way of protecting your swimming pool area from trespassers. And while glass is often thought of as an elegant and flexible material for various uses, not many think of glass as a hub of technology.

Glass panels can reflect and absorb light, turning into screens that communicate multiple messages. In fact, augmented reality can be used to turn your glass pool fences into useful resources during daily life. You can make various glass panels project images, relay information, and control energy consumption. Augmented reality also makes image projection and processing much easier. This increases its applications from commercial to domestic purposes.

Understanding augmented reality  

Augmented reality is a type of technology that superimposes virtual images into your real-world environment. The images can be customised to function in many different ways. From acting as a screen that provides information to animating images for various purposes, the scope of AR continues to expand by the day.

AR can be customised to function on your glass pool fence by projecting images strategically. And because the AR features are integrated into your fencing material, your fence design will remain stylish and elegant with increased functionality. Here are several applications of AR in glass pool fencing for your home.

•    Safety features for the pool

Augmented reality can be used to project safety-related images onto your glass pool fence. The smooth glass surface can be designed to display swimming pool rules, the depth of the water, and the hours your pool is open. The glass is also capable of displaying emergency warnings about broken fence panels, leaking water, or trespassing into the pool area. This makes your fence structure the ultimate safety resource. By physically creating a boundary and communicating digital information regarding safety, the glass fence becomes an interactive element fit for 21st-century applications.  

•    Predictive maintenance

AR applications in glass fences extend beyond safety information. These features can also be used to make pool maintenance more manageable. By detecting and recording changes in swimming pool conditions, messages can be developed and communicated onto glass panels. This gives you a good idea of water temperature, changes in pressure, and real-time water composition. Keeping track of these variables will help you predict when maintenance is necessary, correcting issues before they result in bigger complications.

AR features also communicate information about the fence itself. If a breakage or excess damage to the glass panel occurs, you will be immediately notified via the AR image projection. The end result is faster, cheaper, and easier maintenance. These applications will also continue to improve in efficiency, widening the scope of capability in your glass pool fence.    

To learn more about your options, contact a pool fencing company.

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