Reasons to Install a Picket Fence Around Your Front Garden

Picket fences may have been around for many years, but they remain popular because of their unique and versatile design. To discover reasons to construct one of these barriers around your front garden, read on.

Material Options

While a picket fence traditionally uses pine or hardwoods, these barriers also come in other materials such as metal and PVC. Timber gives a warm, traditional look, but it requires repainting after several years. Metal picket fences can be powder coated in different colours. During this process, the metal is baked in a furnace, melding the hard polyester paint to the pickets, thus inhibiting corrosion. Another option is PVC picket fences, which can withstand diverse weather conditions without rotting and warping, even in moist and humid situations. PVC is also not susceptible to termite infestation like timber is. Conveniently, metal and PVC versions are available as panels that fit between the posts, simplifying the installation process. Thus, you'll have several rather than one material option for the fencing, so you can pick one that best suits your needs.

Welcoming Ambience

Another reason to build a picket fence around your yard is to enjoy the resulting welcoming aesthetic that enhances your home's kerb appeal. The carving along the top of each picket gives a charming, friendly feel. In contrast, other fences such as cement blocks or metal panels can look austere and manufactured, encircling your home like a fortress.

Colour Choices

When installing a picket fence, you'll have a broad spectrum of colours to choose from to integrate the fence into the landscape. You can paint wooden pickets in virtually any hue. Also, metal and PVC offer diverse colours, including white, green, charcoal, and other shades. By painting your pickets a unique colour, such as navy, you can add visual interest with the juxtaposition of a classic design and an unusual colour.

Design Alternatives

All picket fences use pickets, but they can combine them in different ways. For example, you can set together low pickets to create a boundary fence or tall pickets to form a privacy barrier. Additionally, the fence's top contour can be straight, staggered, concave or other shapes. To contain pets and children, you could construct a tall fence. Regardless of the fence's height, however, your garden will retain an open feel because of the spacing within the design. Conversely, continuous barriers using cement, brick, or panels tend to create a closed-in effect in the front yard.

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Picket fences may have been around for many years, but they remain popular because of their unique and versatile design. To discover reasons to constr