What You Should Know Before Installing Chain Wire Fences

Chain wire fences can also be referred to as diamond mesh fences, chain-link fences, wire mesh fences, wire netting fences or cyclone fences. They fall under the category of woven fences and are usually made from galvanised steel, which can be coated with black or green coloured PVC. Chain wire fences can be used in both commercial and residential applications to fence properties (industrial building, institutions, factories, offices, homes, etc.), sports courts (for example, tennis, basketball, cricket and baseball courts), pet play areas, domestic animal areas (for example, fencing for livestock), etc.

When having chain wire fences installed, you might require horizontal and vertically running posts and fixtures to fix the chain wire fence to the posts. The vertically running posts might also require to be cemented to the ground. The following includes important things you need to know about chain wire fences:

Thin and Thick Wires

Depending on the security and how long you want the chain wire fence to last, you can choose between thin and thick wires. A thicker chain wire fence might last longer and offer more security than a thinner chain wire fence.

Speaking of security, if your locality is highly insecure, you should think about reinforcing your chain wire fence by having it connected to an electric source to make it electrified or building a half concrete and half chain wire fence. Additionally, you can employ the use of barbed wire. A chain wire fence might look weak but it offers the benefit of being able to see through it. An intruder would shy away from it because he or she would be seen trying to cut through or climb over it.


You, of course, want the wire fence to look appealing, especially if you are putting it up around a commercial property. It is the first thing the clients visiting your office see and if it does not make a positive statement, you might lose them.

The aesthetics of your fence mainly revolve around its finishing. As stated earlier, you might mostly come across green- and black-coloured PVC coats. If you want other colours, you can always request them.

Do You Also Want a Chain Wire Fence Gate?

Of course, if you are fencing an area, you will need an access point. It can be made from any material you desire (wood, steel, iron, aluminium, etc.). If you need a chain wire gate to match your chain wire fence, have it designed strong and also reinforce it for maximum security.

Speak with a fencing contractor to learn more about fencing options. 

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