Two factors a person should consider when buying a new fence

Here are two factors a person should consider when buying a new fence.

The colour they want their new fence to be

One important factor a person must think about is what colour they'd like their new fence to be. The colour of a fence is important, as it will affect the overall appearance of the property on which it is installed. If it complements the colour of the building it encloses and the other features that surround it, it could make that property's exterior look far more attractive. If its colour clashes with the other nearby structures, its presence might make the exterior look drab or unappealing.

Colorbond fencing (a type of pre-painted fencing) comes in a range of hues. Whilst fencing like this might be suitable for someone who is looking for a colour other than the neutral brown, black and grey fencing materials that are commonly found in hardware stores, it's important for a person who's thinking about buying any type of colourful pre-painted fence to consider how this might limit them, too.

For example, if they have a contractor fit a yellow pre-painted fence to match their white-and-yellow house exterior, and they then decide to paint the exterior walls pink and white, this could cause issues. They might have to pay a contractor to paint or replace the fence so the colour of this feature matches the new wall colours better. Conversely, if they opted for a plain wooden fence painted with a neutral brown wood stain (which would look good with almost all other colours), the fence would continue to match their new house colour.

Whether or not they want their new fence to have gaps between its panels

Another factor a person must consider before their fence contractor fits their new fence is whether or not they want gaps between this structure's panels. The above-mentioned Colorbond fencing usually has no gaps between its panels. Whether or not this style of fence is suitable for a person's property will depend on their needs. For example, although the absence of gaps between a fence's panels may result in it providing more privacy than one with gaps, it could also result in the property it surrounds not getting as much natural light (especially if the fence is quite tall).

As such, if a person were to have a contractor put this type of fence around their garden or patio, this could lead to it getting too much shade. This could not only make it chilly, even on warmer days, but might also make it harder for the person to grow plants that need lots of sunlight in this area.

For more information about different types of fencing, like Colorbond fencing, contact a local installation company.

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