What Sort Of Fencing Installation Is Right For Your Garden?

Most fencing services companies will provide a range of different functions for residential customers. As well as repair work to your existing fence panels and posts, new fencing installation work is commonly undertaken, too. If you are considering putting up a fence to mark the boundary of your territory or need to replace your current fence, then which sort of installation will suit your requirements best? Read on to find out the main fencing installation options available in Australia today.

Overlap Fencing

To begin with, wooden overlap fencing remains one of the most popular types of installation in urban areas. This is because panels which are made up of overlapping sections of wood provide a great deal of privacy. As such, they tend to be chosen in built-up areas where you want to be able to enjoy your garden without your neighbours being able to look directly into your property. What's more, overlapping fence panels are relatively cheap so they suit larger properties with big gardens. On the downside, they do not last as long as some other types of installation.

Palisade Fencing

Palisade, or picket, fencing is a popular choice where you want an attractive fence but also provides a reasonable level of security. These fence panels tend to be a little bit more robust than overlapping ones. In addition, they are more decorative than other types. You will need to pay a little more for high-quality palisade fence panels but the finished fencing installation will look very smart indeed.

Mesh Fencing

Mesh fencing is sometimes seen as a high-security option but this is not the only good thing about this sort of fencing. Firstly, mesh comes supplied on rolls so you do not need to stick to the same distances between fence poles as you would with panel fencing. This makes it ideal for unusually shaped gardens, for example. In addition, mesh is great for preventing pets from escaping. For this reason, it is often preferred in rural areas where there may be livestock to consider. What's more, some types of fine mesh designs can keep out predators. In fact, some will even prevent snakes from getting onto your property.

Bamboo Fencing

If you want to create a visual barrier on the edge of your property, then an increasingly popular option to consider for your fencing installation would be bamboo. This is a natural material which looks good and it can easily take the place of a hedge that you might have cut down, for example. Bamboo is a sustainable material, too, which means that you can use it throughout your property without worrying about the environmental impact of your fencing installation.

To learn more about fencing installation options, contact a local fence service today.

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