Why Install Automatic Gates on Your Farm?

If you're looking to replace old gates on your land, then it's worth considering upgrading to automatic options. What are the benefits of moving on from manually operated gates?

Make Your Life Easier

While opening and closing a gate manually isn't hard, this can actually be a bit of a chore. If you have a lot of gates on your land, then it also becomes time-consuming.

Every time you need to drive through a gate, you have to get out of your vehicle to open it up. You then have to get back in, drive through and repeat the process as you close the gate again.

You'll do this job over and over in all weather conditions. You'll have to leave your comfortable ute or tractor to go out in the heat of the sun or in rainy or cold weather.

If you install automatic gates, you stay in your vehicle. You can open and close each gate with a remote or even a smartphone. Time things right and you might not even have to stop as you pass through.

Get More Secure Gates

Manual gates aren't always that secure. Even if you fit a lock to them, anyone with a set of bolt cutters can get through them.

People who want to get on to your land aren't always out to make trouble, but they can cause problems. For example, if someone is out for a country walk and decides to walk through one of your gates, then they may forget to shut it after them. Your livestock could get out and wild animals could get in.

To be honest, even you might not latch a gate securely sometimes if you're busy or distracted. You may think the gate is shut when it isn't fully locked in place.

Automatic gates do away with these problems. You can't open them without a remote or code. So, you get better security and you don't have to worry about anyone leaving them open.

Plus, if you fit gates with a self-closing timer, then the gates will close themselves after a set time. If someone did forget to close a gate after them, it would close and lock itself after a few seconds.

It is a little trickier to install automated gates on a farm over regular products. For example, you have to work out how to power the gates. To find out more about suitable gates for your land and their power requirements, contact auto gate installation companies.

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