3 Mistakes Experts Avoid During Chain Link Installation

A chain link fence plays a vital role in adding to the aesthetic value of your home and offering privacy and protection. Most homeowners opt to install chain link fences independently since it is a cost-effective option. However, fence and gate installation entail much more than you think. Due to the complexity of the process, you are bound to make mistakes that may add to the costs quickly if you choose the DIY route. For that reason, you should hire expert fence contractors to get the job done professionally. Working with the experts helps you to avoid the following mistakes: 

1. Not Getting the Angles of Your Wire Mesh Fence Right

Installing a fence on steeply land is somewhat challenging. If the slope is slight, it can be hard to identify inclines and declines. Ideally, you should understand what the landscape of your property is like before the installation. Otherwise, you will experience difficulties as you proceed with the project. Furthermore, you must get the angles right and make up for any inclines by adjusting the panels if you want a solid and uniform fence.

2. Setting the Gate Incorrectly

A gate facilitates movements in and out of your property while deterring unwanted guests from gaining access to your home. But when setting up the gate, you should get the gate area dimensions right to ensure easy operation. Fence contractors recommend the use of robust hinge posts, given the constant use of the gate. For proper movement, ensure that there is adequate space between the gate and the ground. To get help with fence gate installation, reach out to a fence professional.

3. Erecting the Posts Incorrectly

For stability and security reasons, you ought to pay special attention to the kind of fence posts you use. You want posts that can withstand harsh elements like strong sun and rain. 

Your fence can only hold up the materials when you have posts connect to the fence securely. Should you fail to support the posts with the appropriate materials or fail to position them deep underground before setting, the posts will likely collapse. So ensure that the posts are about two feet under the ground and supported by gravel or concrete layering.

You'll enjoy numerous benefits by installing the wire mesh fence. For instance, you'll keep your pets under control, beef up security and enjoy heightened privacy. But, fence and gate installation is not something you can handle on your own. Therefore, to avoid wasting time, money and energy on DIY, hire an experienced and trained fence contractor for the job. 

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