Two Situations In Which You Should Replace Your Leaning Wooden Fence

Wooden fences can start to lean in one direction as a result of the shifting of the soil into which they're fitted or if the wooden fence posts are rotting and are causing a reduction in the fence's overall structural stability. Whilst taking down a fence like this is not usually an urgent matter, there are situations in which it's worth prioritising its replacement. Here are two of those situations.

You're selling your property

If you're selling your property, then it could be worth replacing the leaning wooden fencing that surrounds it, as it might make potential buyers more interested in buying your home. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, most buyers care about a property's aesthetics and might find the sight of a rotting, leaning fence around its perimeters quite off-putting. Those who like the rest of the property but find this neglected feature unappealing might also have concerns that if they buy the property, they'll have to face the additional costs that come with buying new fencing materials and installing them.

Secondly, buyers who care about home security might find this leaning fence to be off-putting, not because of its aesthetics, but because of the risk it may pose to the security of the property. Thirdly, potential buyers with pets who need to be kept enclosed (like cats and dogs), might be concerned about their animals escaping by jumping over the leaning parts of the fence.

In short, if you choose not to get a fence contractor to replace this fence, you could put off several types of buyers, and by limiting the pool of people who could buy your home, you might find that your property stays unsold for a lot longer than you'd prefer.

You have young children who play in the garden a lot

If you have young kids and they play in the garden in which this leaning fence is located, you should consider ordering new fencing materials and having a new fence put in the current one's place by a fence contractor.

The reason you should do this is that a young child might consider a leaning fence to be a fun surface to climb on. If one of your kids tries to do this whilst they're in the garden, not only could they fall off the fence but, if the fence is very unstable, they might end up pulling the fencing materials down with them as they fall. This could not only injure them but might result in your property no longer having any barrier around it. As such, it's best to get this fence replaced before this happens. Look into fencing services near you.

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