Two Situations in Which You Should Get a New Glass Fence for Your Pool

Are thinking about getting new fencing for your pool? Here are two situations in which you should replace the glass pool fencing around your swimming pool. 

The existing glass fence has hairline cracks in it 

If there are hairline cracks in your existing glass pool fencing, then it might be time to talk to a fence contractor about getting a new glass fence. Whilst glass swimming pool fences are very tough, they can develop these cracks when they're stuck many times over the course of a few years (by, for example, pool furniture crashing into them on windy days or people repeatedly kicking footballs at them). If your fence has lots of these hairline cracks, then there is a chance that the next time it's subjected to any considerable force, it might shatter, due to it being in a weakened state.

A glass pool fence shattering rarely if ever, results in any injuries, due to the fact that these fences are usually made of tempered glass that breaks apart into round pebbles, rather than dangerous shards. However, the breakage of your fence could create a big mess that might result in you not being able to swim or use your pool area until you've removed all of the aforementioned glass pebbles from the water and the pool's lounging area. As such, in this situation, it would be best to get the existing glass fencing removed before this happens and have a contractor install some new glass panels.

The glass fence has been damaged as a result of being cleaned incorrectly

Like most glass surfaces, pool fences made of glass need to be cleaned gently and regularly. If your pool fence has been cleaned with abrasive cleaning tools (such as steel scouring pads) and is badly scratched as a result of this or if, for example, the previous owners of your property never cleaned the glass and it has a few years worth of water spots on its surface that you cannot remove, then you should consider having a contractor replace it.

The reason for this is that some of the best qualities of a glass pool fence are its transparency and its shiny surface that allows light to reflect off of it. If your pool fence is so badly water-marked and scratched from improper cleaning that it's cloudy and dull, then it might detract from the beauty of your pool area. This could make it less pleasant for you and others to spend time in and could be a particularly troublesome issue if you want to sell the property and are trying to make it look its best.

Speak to a contractor to learn more about glass pool fencing

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