Automated Gate Maintenance Tips Property Owners Should Know

Your automated security gate is the property's main line of defence, and you must ensure that it functions effectively. Other than making sure that trespassers don't access residential or commercial properties, automated gates enhance the aesthetic value of the property.

Now that you have installed one of the best gates the market can offer, the next step is to make sure the gate is well-maintained. If you don't have a proper maintenance routine, some key components will not function as expected and this will affect the property's security. Moreover, your investment won't attain its full life, so you'll be forced to incur more costs in repairs or to buy another gate. Here are maintenance tips you should consider if you own an automated gate:

Cleaning and waxing

Since your gate is the property's entry point, it is essential to keep it clean. You should ensure the gate is washed each time it becomes dirty. This way, the gate will look presentable and beautiful for longer. What's more, the components will be free of dirt or grime. Exercise caution while washing the gate because water shouldn't be allowed to get into the opener. The gate should also be waxed from time to time. Cleaning and waxing the gate preserves the looks of the gate and ensures that it functions effectively.


Like other pieces of machinery, the components of your automated gate can easily get worn out due to friction. Fortunately, you can prevent excessive wear and tear in parts like the chains, rollers, pulleys, screws and hinges by lubricating them regularly. If you realise that the gate isn't functioning as it usually does then you should consider applying some lubricant on the moving parts. Other than preventing unnecessary noise, your moving parts will function effectively and last a long time.


An automated gate needs to be inspected regularly by a specialist as per the set schedule. The expert will confirm if the electrical connections, gate opener, rollers, bearings and metal racks are functioning correctly. If not, they will conduct repairs and replace worn-out parts with new ones. The expert will also inspect screws and bolts to determine if they are still being held in place. Any loose bolts should be tightened immediately.

Pathway clearing

If the pathway to your property isn't maintained regularly, debris, dirt and wild weeds will spread throughout the area. Some of the litter may get lodged in the automated gate tracks or components and hinder its operations. It will become difficult for the gate to open or close smoothly, an issue that causes motor failure.

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